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Prepaid Funeral Plans

Why opt for prepaid funeral plans

With funeral arrangement costs increasing a recent research study noted that around 1 in every 8* families within the UK dealing with a bereavement are unable to meet the full cost of a basic funeral. A recent study also highlighted that the average cost of a funeral has risen by around 122% since 2004* and this sharp increase is predicted to continue. Prepaid funeral plans can help to remove this financial pressure from loved ones and relatives in the event of your death.

During recent years many reasons have contributed to rising burial funeral costs including:
  • The funeral costs of purchasing a new burial plot has risen sharply, which is not helped by a lack of available space within many traditional church graveyards and local authority cemeteries already being full***.

  • Also, recent government budget cuts due to austerity measures with local authorities and councils have contributed to rising cremation costs and reduced subsidies being made available for traditional burials.

  • Funeral directors have also increased their funeral costs to meet wage rises and cover increasing fuel prices.

  • Plus if your body is taken over a county border you will be liable for additional funeral costs, even if the reason is due to not having any space left in your home county for a traditional burial.

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Funeral Costs – Why saving accounts & life insurance policies don’t provide 100% protection

Traditionally, most people are responsible and put money aside for their own funeral by regularly depositing cash into a savings account or by starting a life insurance policy. This is usually when they are over 50 years of age and start to think about their own funeral arrangements. However, with the recent global recession, depleted interest rates on savings**** and investment returns on ‘maturity with life’ insurance policies*****, this has meant that many people requiring the funds to pay for their funeral arrangements in recent years have been unable to cover the full costs. This problem usually results in a family suffering a recent bereavement having to find the surplus funds to cover the costs at short notice.

Avoid rising Funeral Costs & purchase a funeral plan.

By taking out a prepaid funeral plan you’re protected against rising costs and guaranteed to receive the funeral documented in your policy. You also have the ability to specify additional requirements including venue hire, location, type of funeral, choice of music, readings and any special instructions. With the money from your funeral plan responsibly invested to cover these personal requirements, rather than choosing convention with a traditional funeral, you can personalise your funeral into a true celebration of life that reflects your individual characteristics.

A prepaid funeral plan is an affordable solution to help remove the financial burden of rising funeral costs from your loved ones in the event of your death. At Flexible Funeral Plans, our dedicated professional compassionate staff can discuss and tailor the policy to your individual requirements with affordable funeral plans starting from only £1995.

Contact us today and protect your loved one from funeral costs that continue to rise by starting a fully guaranteed plan. Responsibly planning ahead can help in reducing the grief, stress and worry from your family and friends during a very difficult bereavement period in making difficult decisions. We are able to provide a wide range of funerals including non-religious and religious services for Jewish, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Christian & Hindu faiths.

Plans are provided by Golden Charter who are an FPA registered provider